Avi Keller - Tax Accountant

We sat down with ARK CEO and founder Avi Keller to pick his brain about the company’s origins:
Throughout my career, I’ve worked at few different types of accounting firms and what I kept noticing over and over, is that these firms will take care of your taxes, and payroll etc, but they don’t necessarily give you the tools you need to ensure business success – I wanted to create a different kind of firm, one that will notice the nuances of finances, to pinpoint what’s working, what’s not, and how we can help overcome everyday challenges for business success. Can you give us an example?< Sure, we had one client that saw their sales drop by about 30% in just once month – we took a look at their books and noticed that their marketing expenses also dropped by 20% – they quickly increased their promotional work and saw the sales go right back up. What do you love most about your job? I love showing clients how well they can be doing with accurate reporting. Sure we do the usual payroll, bookkeeping and taxes, but what gives me particular pleasure is getting all the financial information down accurately so businesses can make educated decisions.It’s a key part of small business success and I’m proud to be a part of it.
Unlike many accounting firms that only focus on helping your company DURING tax season, Better Accounting Solutions has a unique three part system designed to help your business grow all year round.
  • Our bookkeepers, all of whom are certified accountants, look over your books, using our innovative and proprietary 25-point analysis checklist.
  • A second team member examines your profit and loss statements through a quality control system and thus is your second pair of eyes.
  • One of our certified accountants will discuss with you your profit-and-loss statements in detail to ensure that you understand and are comfortable with them.
All of this is designed to help you, the business management, get a good handle on where your biggest business opportunities and potential pitfalls actually are.
We are passionate about accounting and bookkeeping, and it shows.